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10 Winter Hats For Natural Hair That’ll Protect Your Beautiful Curls

1 February 2018 Style/Fashion No Comment


By Amanda Pena, HuffPost

Posted February 1st 2018


I know the struggle that is trying to find a winter hat or beanie that will stylishly fit over my massive head of hair ― which I recently transitioned back to its naturally curly state.

Unless I slick down my hair with more gel than I care to admit I’ve done, I’ve found very few hats that will cover this mane without ruining my hairstyle or flattening my curls.

Fortunately, if you’ve given up on searching for that perfect hat-hair look, I’m here to help. Whether you’re looking for something slouchy, a bit fitted or even a hat with protective satin lining for zero frizz, complete your winter look and stay warm with these 10 cute winter hats for natural hair:

1 Satin Lined Beanie


Not only will this beanie lock in moisture and prevent frizz, but it’s perfect for those with shorter hair.

2 Chunky Knit Slouchy Wool Cap


This slouchy cap can suit any thickness of hair with its adjustable fold-over cuff.

3 Huggy Bear Chenille Beanie


The softness of this chenille beanie will easily slide right over your head without messing up any style you have.

4 ‘Basque’ Beret


For those with softer waves or curls, this gorgeous beret is lined with soft satin and has a leather sweatband for that perfect fit.

5 All Day Every Day Slouchy Beanie

(Free People)

There’s so much room in this beanie to either tuck in your hair or keep it full and out without flattening out your texture.

6 Messy Bun Beanie


This messy bun beanie with satin lining is perfect for protective styles or updos when it’s close to wash day.

7 Cable Knit Beanie


I’ve had this beanie through my transitioning phase up until my full natural phase and it never disappoints. It actually stays on my head, fits over my curls, and for under $10 it’s a true steal.

8 Playoff Beanie


Keep it simple yet structured with this durable 9-gauge stretch-knit cap with versatile wearability to slouch back or ride lower on the forehead.

9 Frizz Free Protective Lined Beanie


If you’ve got locs, braids, or long hair, this sheer lined beanie is sturdy and big enough to not disrupt any style.

10 Sepp Knit Beanie


Beanies for natural hair don’t have to be boring. Add some winter chic to your look with this pompom beanie that’s got a great amount of stretch to fit over your curls.

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