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African American Lawmakers In Ohio Want A Committee To Document Their History!

31 December 2018 Breaking News, Education No Comment


By Jo Ingles

Posted December 31st 2018



The 16-member Legislative Black Caucus wants to create a permanent 30-member bipartisan committee appointed by the Governor to do a comprehensive study on the contributions African Americans have made to Ohio and the way the state’s laws and policies have affected them.

Democratic Representative Stephanie Howse says the legislature needs a study like this.

“It will provide an opportunity for people to have some understanding and even put in a lens of empathy,” Howse says.

Howse is an African American lawmaker who recently was at odds with House Speaker Ryan Smith over the impact of race in the so called, “Stand Your Ground” bill. She says lawmakers often don’t understand issues from an African American point of view. Sponsors know the bill isn’t going to get through the Lame Duck session of the legislature so they say it will be re-introduced after the first of the year after the new General Assembly is seated.



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