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East Cleveland ARCO Site Cleanup Complete!
Posted in Aside Left, Breaking News, Health & Fitness, MXO Business Report, Our House on 15 March 2018
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Ohio EPA Posted March 15th 2018 (PHOTO: CRAIG W. BUTLER OHIO EPA DIRECTOR)   The pile of more than 300,000 cubic yards of illegally disposed construction and demolition debris waste at the ARCO Recycling site has been removed following an eight-month cleanup. The more than $8.8 million cleanup was paid for by Ohio EPA and [...]

Wendy Williams Accuses Janet Jackson And Beyoncé Of Needing Autotune To Sing!
Posted in Slideshow on 15 March 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Ryan Velez Posted March 15th 2018   Wendy Williams, for better or for worse, is an expert at using her mouth to get attention (as you can see from us writing about her). However, this type of publicity is a game of balance, deciding if the attention it garners is worth the anger [...]

Craig Mack, New York rapper On Diddy’s Bad Boy Label, Dead At 46!
Posted in Slideshow on 14 March 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Nicole Hensley Posted March 14th 2018   CRAIG MACK ‘FLAVA IN YA EAR’ VIDEO Craig Mack, the Long Island rapper who found fame on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records in the mid-1990s, has died at age 46, his producer confirmed to the Daily News. Mack — who launched to hip-hop acclaim with [...]

Kasich On Stand Your Ground Bill: ‘I Won’t Sign It!’
Posted in Aside Right, Breaking News, Lifestyle on 14 March 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Karen Kasler Posted March 14th 2018   Gov. John Kasich has gotten even more direct in his statements suggesting his views on gun regulations have changed. Even though he’s signed every law expanding gun rights he’s been presented with as governor, he says he won’t sign a controversial bill currently under consideration. In [...]

Maxine Waters Claps Back At Donald Trump ‘Low IQ’ Comments!
Posted in Breaking News, Featured Article, Lifestyle on 14 March 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Kia Morgan Smith Posted March 14th 2018   Auntie Maxine Waters got plenty of time, and in due time, she believes that Stormy Daniels will take “con man Don” down. Rep. Waters clapped back at President Donald Trump after he attacked her with insulting remarks on Saturday night at a Pennsylvania rally, by [...]

Lalah Hathaway Has A Word For Fans – Stop Filming Her Shows!
Posted in Slideshow on 13 March 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Victor Ochieng Posted March 13th 2018   LALAH HATHAWAY ‘HONESTLY’ LIVE VIDEO One thing you can’t take away from Lalah Hathaway shows is that they’re pretty captivating and full of life. And you know, her fans just love watching her live while also capturing videos of the show. When it comes to a [...]

Kasich Power Grab Could Give Unelected Bureaucrats Almost Unlimited Power Over Education!
Posted in Breaking News, Education on 13 March 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Paula Bolyard Posted March 13th 2018 (PHOTO: STATE REPRESENTATIVE ANDREW BRENNER R-POWELL)   MELANIE ELSEY NATIONAL LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR AMERICAN POLICY ROUNDTABLE Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Ohio legislature are fast-tracking a bill that that would consolidate nearly all educational departments into one unelected executive agency controlled by the governor. It’s a giant [...]

Movie Weekly Countdown Week Of March 9th 2018
Posted in Aside Bottom1, Weekly Countdown on 12 March 2018
Stats: and No Comments Posted March 12th  2018 Ryan Coogler and ‘Black Panther’ is set to break box office records still in the #1 spot for four consecutive weeks and  grossing  $562 million in sales in the US alone this weekend.  Director Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey soar into the #2 position in  ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ with [...]

Obamas Among Final Name Choices For New Elementary School!
Posted in Aside Bottom 3 on 12 March 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Susan Johnes Posted March 12th 2018 Barack Obama entered the White House with the promise of becoming a transformational leader. The nation’s first black president promised to cleanse America of its racial, cultural, ideological and partisan divides. He had promised education reform, in particular, making a point of using education to illustrate that [...]

MXO ‘The Arts Unplugged’: Longtime Editor Of Ebony Magazine Lerone Bennett Jr. Passed Away!
Posted in Aside Bottom 2, Breaking News, Education, MXO Business Report, The Arts Unplugged on 12 March 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Ryan Velez Posted March 12th 2018   The Chicago Sun-Times reported that a great figure has been lost with the passing of Lerone Bennett Jr. at the age of 89. According to Ebony, where he worked for nearly 50 years, he had vascular dementia. Bennett served as both a journalist and top editor [...]