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Katt Williams Brings The ‘Great America Tour’ To The Wolstein Center This Weekend!
Posted in Slideshow on 23 March 2017
Stats: and No Comments Posted March 23rd 2017   Why See Katt Williams? The Conspiracy Theory Tour Continues Never one afraid to speak his mind, Katt Williams has now embarked on his Great America Tour, which began In January, which marks his 20th year in comedy and showbusiness! As you might guess from the tour title, politics, race [...]

Kyle Korver To Return Against Nuggets; J.R. Smith Back In Lineup!
Posted in Aside Left, Northeast Ohio, Sports on 23 March 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Marla Ridenour Posted March 23rd 2017   In Game No. 70, the Cavaliers will finally be whole. Kyle Korver will return Wednesday night against the Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center after missing the past seven games with a sore tendon in his left foot. Cavs coach Tryonn Lue said Korver underwent an MRI [...]

MXO ‘The Arts Unplugged’: CIM Alumna Ann Hobson Pilot To Receive The Gold Baton, League of American Orchestras’ Highest Honor!
Posted in Aside Bottom 2, The Arts Unplugged on 22 March 2017
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Cleveland Institute of Music Posted March 22nd 2017 (PHOTO: HARPIST, ANN HOBSON PILOT)   ANN HOBSON PILOT PERFORMS WITH THE BOSTON SYMPHONY ORHCHESTRA League of American Orchestras to Honor Former Boston Symphony Orchestra Principal Harpist  Ann Hobson Pilot with the Gold Baton! Esteemed musician Ann Hobson Pilot will receive the League of American Orchestras’ highest [...]

Cutting Through The Noise Surrounding Tristan Thompson’s Recent Play!
Posted in Aside Right, Lifestyle, Sports on 22 March 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Mike Zavagno Posted March 22nd 2017   TRISTAN THOMPSON AND KHLOE KARDASHIAN CELEBRATE HIS BIRTHDAY MARCH 13TH 2017 The Cavs have been better lately when Tristan Thompson sits. Is there cause for concern or is it just noise? Is there something wrong with Tristan Thompson? This is the question that has been bothering [...]

The Number of People Who Regret Voting for Trump Is Growing!
Posted in Breaking News, Featured Article, Lifestyle on 22 March 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Rebecca Gale, Marie Claire Posted March 22nd 2017   A new national poll released this week shows that Trump supporters increasingly feel that he’s “going too far,” is falling short of their expectations of him for unifying the country, and is “getting sidetracked by things that aren’t important.” All of which amounts to [...]

8 Facts About Sensational Actress Annazette Chase!
Posted in Slideshow on 22 March 2017
Stats: and No Comments Posted March 22nd 2017   ANNAZETTE CHASE AND RICHARD PRYOR ‘THE TOY’ Actress Annazette Chase  is best known for her roles in the films The Mack and Truck Turner. She also portrayed Muhammad Ali’s wife Belinda in The Greatest, in which Ali played himself. Her last known film to date was The Toy (1982). [...]

Movie Weekly Countdown Week Of March 17th 2017
Posted in Aside Bottom1, Weekly Countdown on 21 March 2017
Stats: and No Comments Posted March 21st 2017 ‘Beauty and the Beast’ overtakes the #1 spot bringing in $170 million this weekend. My Boo Samuel L Jackson and ‘Kong: Skull Island’  battles for the #2 position pulling with total sales o  $110.1 million while  Sexy Hugh Jackman and ‘Logan’ moves to the #3 spot grossing $184 million at [...]

Things To Know Before Buying A Franchise!
Posted in Aside Bottom 3 on 20 March 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Ryan Velez Posted March 20th 2017   Investing in a franchise can be a great way to reap the benefits of business ownership while having an established name and set of business practices to catapult your efforts. At the same time, things can easily go wrong, which is part of the reason why [...]

UCLA Ends Kent State’s Season In NCAA Tournament!
Posted in Breaking News, Health & Fitness, Higher Learning, Sports on 20 March 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Henry Palattella Posted March 20th 2017 (PHOTO: KENT STATE GUARD DESMOND RIDENOUR)   KENT STATE FORWARD JIMMY HALL The Kent State men’s basketball team’s season came to an end Friday night at the hands of the boys from Westwood, as the UCLA Bruins beat Kent State 97-80 to knock the Flashes out of [...]

For Many Older Americans, Costs Rise Under GOP Health Plan!
Posted in Breaking News, Featured Article, Health & Fitness, MXO Business Report on 20 March 2017
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Associated Press By Michael Rubinkam, Kelli Kennedy and Meghan Hoyer, Associated Press Posted March 20th 2017   Among the groups hardest hit by the Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act is one that swung for Donald Trump during last year’s presidential race — older Americans who have not yet reached Medicare age. Many [...]