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Don Cheadle On Obama: “I Wanted To See A More Gangsta President!”

2 January 2012 Lifestyle, MXO Entertainment News One Comment


By Jonathan Hailey

Posted January 2nd 2011


Don Cheadle is one of the most respected actors of our time. After making it on the big screen, Cheadle has decided to take his talents to the small screen. Promoting his new Showtime series, House of Lies, Don sat down with Jet Magazine. There he showed his humorous side. Among other things, he joked about playing Conrad Murrayas a mentally ill prostitute in order to get his Oscar.

One of the interviews highlights are his thoughts on President Obama. Take a look at what Don Cheadle had to say:

“I think he inherited an impossible situation. I wish he had not been so much of a consensus-seeker. I just wanted to see a more ‘gangsta’ president.”

Somebody get Obama on the phone. We need a rebuttal!

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  1. I agree with Don…He has not put an executive order in motion as of yet. I would like to see him do something bold such as declare that Congress and the Senate can no longer deal with lobbyist…something that was promised in his original campaign…Or making it Illegal for employers to check credit or refuse to hire folks due to long layoffs!

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