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Drake Goes From Young Actor To A Rap Mogul Bringing In $40 Million In A Year!


By Angela Wills

Posted February 4th 2016


Hip-hop knows him by many names; Champagne Papi, 6 God or Drizzy are among the favorites, but one name that is familiar to everyone is and will forever be, Drake.

Drake has become a celebratory legend  since his meteoric rise to fame with his 2009 hit, “Best I Ever Had.” The multi-platinum rapper has continued to remain a dominating force within Hip Hop and this year has been no exception. Drake’s new album debuted in the top two in sales, he dominated one of the most renowned hip-hop beef sessions of this time and also scored 100 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 this year alone. The young megastar earned a whopping $40 million dollars over the past year and has a net worth of $75 million.

Getting his start as a quiet and humble boy in Toronto, the 28-year-old icon has emerged to become one of the biggest artists in hip-hop music.

Born on October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Canada, Drake was raised in a Jewish household, mainly by his mom, Sandi Graham. His father, Dennis Graham divorced Sandi and relocated to Memphis, TN when Drake was a young child.

Drake started his acting career at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute and would later meet an agent who would help him land a role in Degrassi: The Next Generation. He dropped out of school to pursue the role but would later return and get his high school diploma. The money he earned doing the show was the sole source of income he and his mom had at the time.

It was during Degrassi, that Drake jump started his rap career by releasing his first mix tape in 2006, followed by a second one featuring Trey Songz in 2007. His name begin to ring out around the globe as he was the first unsigned artist from Canada with a featured music video on BET. Drake was still acting on Degrassi while making hit music and once the show producers found out, they told him to make a decision between the show or his music. I think you know which one he chose.

2009 brought the release of another mix tape and signed with Young Money Entertainment. He released certified gold music such as “So Far Gone” with several other hits following within the next two years. Drake went on to establish OVO Sound, his very own record label, distributed by Warner Bros. Records to solidify his status not only a a multi-platinum selling artist, but as an entrepreneur who has built his own empire over the past few years.


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