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Election Day Law Isn’t Being Followed!

8 November 2018 Breaking News, Lifestyle No Comment


By Andy Chow

Posted November 8th 2018



There’s a law that’s been on the books that designates part of Election Day as a state holiday but one Democratic state lawmaker says it’s not being followed.

Representative Dan Ramos says the law, which is more than 100 years old, recognizes Election Day from noon to 5:30 and says most state workers should be allowed to leave for the day. But that’s not happening. Recent voter reforms that allow voting by mail for everyone, early in person voting makes it more convenient for some but Ramos contends there’s still a need to observe this law.

“We should be making it as easy as possible for people to vote on Election Day but we shouldn’t be getting rid of an option just because one person may not need it. You don’t know what your neighbor may need or the person down the street may need,” Ramos says.

Ramos says some might lack transportation options to take advantage of early vote centers. He says voting on Election Day provides neighborhood precincts for those voters.

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