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Keri Hilson Comes Out With New Album After 5 Years!


By Naturally Triece

Posted August 24th 2016


We all remember Keri Hilson for some of her awesome hits, such as ‘Turnin’ Me On’ and ‘Breaking Point,’ but now it seems that the famous and beautiful singer is ready to hit the stage once again after a five-year hiatus.

Though she is best known as the singer who shaded Beyonce, it seemed that her popularity level began to decline after she was attacked by TheBeyHive.

Hilson’s last album, back in 2010, was called ‘No Boys Allowed’ and this past Friday, March 18th, she dropped her follow-up album ‘L.I.A.R,’ which is an acronym for “Love Is A Religion.” I must admit, I was super excited about this one.

In a recent interview with Rap-Up, the 33-year-old songwriter said that she is planning to use this new album to answer a lot of questions on why she has been absent for so long from the industry.

Understanding that her fans have missed her, she also explains why it took so long for her to produce and release any new music.

“I promise, I will tell my fans everything on this album,” she said. “Why I was really gone, what actually happened, what didn’t, what I could control and what I couldn’t. Never will I ever again take a break from music.”

While many are understandably thrilled about the Georgia native and her comeback, TheBeyHive clearly is not riding this wave. They recently swarmed her Instagram page, some talked smack on Twitter and one person even allegedly threw a Beyonce CD at her.

“Just read that after Keri Hilson announced she’s coming out with a new album, somebody threw a Beyoncé CD at her,” another person wrote.

TheBeyHive also made sure to fill her comment section with the infamous bumblebee emoji, as they always seem to do when someone makes comment or reference to their humble-bumble leader.

So, what do you think? Does the Hive need to chill? Or should they be going off on Hilson like that for the sake of the Queen Bey?

Comment your thoughts below and tell us what you think…

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