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Lalah Hathaway Has A Word For Fans – Stop Filming Her Shows!

13 March 2018 Lifestyle, MXO Entertainment News No Comment


By Victor Ochieng

Posted March 13th 2018



One thing you can’t take away from Lalah Hathaway shows is that they’re pretty captivating and full of life. And you know, her fans just love watching her live while also capturing videos of the show. When it comes to a Hathaway show, her fans don’t want to watch its recorded version on YouTube or other video sharing platforms. Nope! They just want to record it using their phones so that they can go re-watch it at home even as they brag to their friends about having been at a Hathaway live show.

But fans, please, your camera flashes are distracting her so badly. Some time back, she explained to her audience that she wasn’t comfortable with them recording her live performance, but if one had to, she requested they do with their camera flashes turned off. During that show, most of the people complied, except, of course, for a few who may have been either too drunk or unable to figure out how to turn off their flash.

That was that. Things have evolved since and Hathaway has chosen to tighten the rules a little harder. Now she says she’d rather have her audience not take pictures or Livestream her concerts.

When she was recently at a concert in Dallas, her fans didn’t respect that rule, prompting her to issue a statement later, in which she made it all clear that she wasn’t pleased a bit.

In the Instagram statement, she said, “I cannot communicate how frustrated I was tonight in Dallas at the HOB. Most of the audience was indeed respectful, enjoying the music and the moments, and super engaged; I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know… My people. You are not at the zoo. You are not the paparazzi. Put your phone down at my show. Please don’t record me, or take pictures of my show. Do not stream my show or instaLive my work.”

For those who may not know why she’s concerned about people taking pictures and using flashes, she explained further in the statement, saying, “It is SUPER distracting, and rude to the people around you. Your flash is annoying and draws me out of my space- which I am working to create- for YOU.”

Another interesting part of her statement was that Hathaway can’t seem to comprehend why someone who’s paid for a ticket would still struggle to watch the show through the cellphone. “If you paid for a ticket, it makes no sense to me at all why you would watch the show thru a cell phone…but that is your business. Going forward, I have a zero tolerance policy toward phones. If you need to check on your children, or look at the weather, or check your Instagram feed, or play candy crush- please step out of the venue and into the hallway or lobby. What I give to you is from my heart- and is MY intellectual property. If you do NOT get it- please stay home. Your energy is not welcomed, and you will be asked to leave- and escorted out of the venue- WITH your cellphone. I am truly over it at this point.”




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