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Lorain Councilman Angel Arroyo Apologizes For Arrest!

7 December 2017 Breaking News, Lifestyle No Comment


By Bruce Walton

Posted December 7th 2017


Angel Arroyo, D-6th Ward, limped in on crutches and a walking brace to the Council meeting Monday evening from an unfortunate weekend.

The councilman spent his 35th birthday in the city jail after allegedly not complying with police orders while drunk and refusing to leave the front yard of a house on Jenee Drive early Saturday morning, according to police.

Arroyo issued a public statement at the Council meeting regarding his arrest over the weekend. The apology received mostly applause and a few vocal jeers by the public attendees.

In his statement, he said:

“I apologize to Council, I take responsibility for the accusations that I was accused of doing, and I apologize to (my fellow Council members) for, I guess, some of the bloggers on social media that decided to put you guys in the midst of my business and everybody’s past is their own so whatever I’ve done, you guys shouldn’t be caught in the middle because that had nothing to do with you guys. So as I always tell the kids I work with, take responsibility for your actions, and I will do that. I apologize to my family, friends and supporters and I appreciate the Lorain Police for doing their job. I don’t expect them to do anything but their job and if I offended anyone I apologize. So thank you.”

According to the police report, when police arrived Saturday morning, Arroyo, smelled of alcohol, and claimed he was run over by the person in the house on Jenee Drive, Alberto Calo, and wanted to confront him. Officers reportedly offered to park Arroyo’s vehicle in a safe place and give him a ride home, but Arroyo insisted that he didn’t want to leave.

Calo, Arroyo’s friend, told police they were celebrating Arroyo’s Dec. 2 birthday at Diso’s Bistro on Oberlin Avenue when Arroyo allegedly became heavily intoxicated and wanted to drive home. Calo took Arroyo’s keys to prevent him from driving, and Arroyo then jumped on the hood of Calo’s car in an effort to get his keys back, the report said. Calo told police he had to drag Arroyo away from the front of his car so he wouldn’t get run over and Arroyo got road rash on his legs. Calo then handed the keys to Arroyo’s wife and left, the report said. Arroyo later showed up at Calo’s front door trying to get him to come outside, but Calo wanted him to leave, the report said. The councilman later reportedly showed the injury to police as proof he was run over.

Because of his alleged lack of cooperation and refusal to leave, police told Arroyo he was under arrest for disorderly conduct, the report said.

Arroyo was put in handcuffs but allegedly pulled away from the officerfs when they brought over to the police cruiser, the report said. Arroyo allegedly refused to get in the car, so the two officers forced him inside, but Arroyo allegedly began kicking the windows of the police cruiser, the report said.

On the way inside the jail, the report said, Arroyo tried to run while in handcuffs but was quickly caught and taken into the jail, where he repeatedly kicked the cell door and refused to cooperate. He was later released from jail about 11 a.m. Saturday.

Barry Kniceley, a resident of 31st Street in the ward Arroyo represents, witnessed Arroyo’s statement at the meeting and said he thought the apology was more than adequate.

“It’s a personal thing, he doesn’t really owe anybody anything other than the fact that he abused some of his privileges,” He said. “He doesn’t need to get on his hands and knees to beg for forgiveness.”

Kniceley also hopes Arroyo learns from his mistakes after this weekend.

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