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Lowering the Boom!

24 January 2010 MXO Entertainment News, MXO News 34 Comments


By Michael K. McIntyre

Posted January 24th 2010

Radio station WNWV FM/107.3 loudly changed its format and name last month from “The Wave” to “Boom.”

Now — boom! — the name is gone. The station, which switched to an adult album alternative, or “Triple A” format, neglected to clear the name with CBS Radio, which owns “Boom” and demanded the station stop using it. It wasn’t worth a costly legal fight.

So now it’s simply 107.3 Cleveland. General Manager Lonnie Gronek said other names are being considered. Facebook fans have suggested “The Coast” or “The Lake,” but Tipoff kind of likes the old TV Batman vibe of “Boom!”

So how about “Ka-pow,” “Sock,” or – after having to change the name so quickly – “107.3 — Oooff!”


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