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Marvin Gaye Estate Secures Big Win After Appeals Court Upholds Earlier Verdict In “Blurred Lines” Lawsuit


By Victor Ochieng

Posted August 24th 2018



The Circuit determined that there was no abuse of power in the original trial and, therefore, all the decisions arrived at were upheld.

“We conclude that the district court did not abuse its discretion in denying the Thicke Parties’ motion for a new trial,” wrote Smith.

What was also brought to question was the amount awarded to the Gaye estate, which was $3.2 million out of the total amount of $5.3 million ordered in the judgment. Williams and Thicke disagreed with the 50% distribution of revenue realized from distribution, pointing out that the expert presented on the entire deal was nothing but speculative. The majority disagreed with their presentation and, therefore, the order stays.

In the decision, Thicke was ordered to pay an amount of $1.8 million and Williams a total of $357,000. The court dismissed their presentation that the earnings were “erroneous” and also issued an order for the Gaye family to receive 50% of all royalty henceforth.

There is no escaping the orders, meaning the two singers, Williams and Thicke, must be ready to part with the judgment cash. The decision also hugely cuts on the revenue they could’ve benefited from had the lawsuit not been filed against them.

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