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Movie “Stars” to Visit Tall Ships Festival!

Rotary Club Cleveland

By Beverly Ghent Skrzynski-Executive Direcctor

Posted June 5th 2010


Cleveland, OH-HMS Bounty and Roseway, two historic sailing vessels that have “starred” in movies, are coming to the Cleveland Tall Ships Festival, which will be held in Cleveland from July 7-11, 2010. The Festival is being organized and presented by the Rotary Club of
Cleveland and the Port of Cleveland, along with several other sponsors. Both ships will participate in the Parade of Sail on July 7 and will be docked at the Port of Cleveland for on-board visits by festival goers from July 8-11.

roseway=schooner (SCHOONER ROSEWAY)

“We are very excited that these two majestic ships will be part of the festival,” said Mikel B. Harding, a past president of the
Rotary Club and co-chair of the 2010 Tall Ships Festival along with Charles (Arnie) de la Porte, who is also the Honorary Consul for the Consulate of the Netherlands. “I know that our attendees will enjoy climbing aboard the ships and learning about their amazing histories,” he continued.

HMS Bounty was built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, for the 1962 MGM movie “Mutiny on the Bounty,” which told the story of the famous maritime mutiny that occurred in the South Pacific in 1789. In 2005, HMS Bounty was one of four tall ships used in the filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” which starred Johnny Depp. Now owned and operated by the HMS Bounty Organization LLC, HMS Bounty makes Greenport,

Long Island, New York, her homeport. In an effort to return Bounty to the condition of her Hollywood film days, the famous ship completed an extensive renovation from 2006-2007 in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. She spent 2008 traveling around the world, culminating in the 220th anniversary of the original Bounty’s first arrival in Tahiti in 1788. The ship carries 18 full-time paid crewmembers working side by side wit sail trainees and passengers. Her primary mission these days is to preserve the skills of square rigged sailing in conjunction with youtheducation and sail training.

Roseway, a 137-foot schooner, was built in 1925 in Essex, Massachusetts, as a private fishing yacht that would also compete in the annual races between ships from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and schooners from Gloucester, Massachusetts. After being purchased by the Boston Pilots Association in 1941, Roseway was outfitted with a .50-caliber machine gun and assigned to the First Naval District (New England) in 1942. The pilots used Roseway to help guide ships through the minefields and anti-submarine netting protecting the Boston harbor. At the end of the war, the Coast Guard presented a bronze plaque to the pilots in honor of Roseway’s exemplary wartime service. Roseway was the last pilot schooner in the United States when she was retired in 1973. In 1974, she was taken to Maine to serve in the Windjammer trade. In 1977, Roseway starred in the television remake of Rudyard Kipling’s “Captains Courageous.” In September 2002, she was donated to the World Ocean School, an internationally focused nonprofit organization dedicated to
providing challenging educational programs aboard the schooner. Today, Roseway is a registered U.S. National Historic Landmark.

Tickets for the 2010 Cleveland Tall Ships Festival are on sale now at
the Playhouse Square Box Office, online at www.playhousesquare.org
<http://www.playhousesquare.org/>; , or by phone at 216-241-6000 or
866-546-1353. Tickets are $12 in advance; $14 at the event; $11 for
seniors, groups, Rotarians, and the Military; $8 for children ages 6 to
14; and free to those 5 and under. Further information on the Tall
Ships Festival 2010 can be obtained at www.clevelandtallships.com
<http://www.clevelandtallships.com/>; .


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