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MXO ‘The Arts Unplugged’: The 2017 Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival!

13 September 2017 The Arts Unplugged No Comment


So, are you ready to see some films?  The schedule is out.  The website is ready for you to view.  The guests and venues are booked. Now all we need is you!   Our goal this year is to have 2,500 people attend this year film festival.  I’m asking you to help us reach this goal by purchasing a pass or movie tickets.

Our team of dedicated volunteers has worked tirelessly to expand our festival and deliver  an amazing eight day festival which includes:

  • Opening Reception and Film with GCUFF
  • Screening  over 25 films
  • Meet the Actors Reception
  • Filmmaker’s Breakfast
  • Three educational workshops
  • Party on Friday and Saturday night
  • Closing Film and Reception

The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival (GCUFF) showcases regional, national and international urban culture and provides a platform for talented minority independent filmmakers, screenwriters and actors of greater Cleveland. GCUFF was established in 2012 and is dedicated to increasing awareness and dialog around important issues and stories from within our community, while offering educational opportunities to encourage and inspire students and individuals interested in pursuing a career in the film industry. We offer film screenings, panel discussions, workshops and community engagement opportunities. GCUFF is for you. GCUFF is for everyone!

Need to see what’s happening all week at GCUFF? 

Click here to view our schedule

Please join me at the 6th Annual Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival from September 21-29, 2017 at Shaker Square Cinemas. I greatly appreciate your support.  We cannot reach our goal of 2,500 attendees and continue to grow film festival without your support.

Click Here to Purchase Tickets

( note: individual movie tickets can be purchased at Shaker Square Cinemas box office)

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