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7 January 2010 After Dark, Bars, Clubs & Lounges, MXO Events 32 Comments

Greater Cleveland is a party town! It’s unique architecture brings the party  on from the inner cities of the eastside and westside! Cleveland’s downtown district bussles from the once infamous flats, warehouse district and the gateway! When you include Greater Cleveland suburbia you’ll be partying until it’s 2099!


4U2B                                                                           26159 Euclid Avenue

2020 Martini Bar & Lounge                                 2020 Center Street

A Touch of Italy                                                       16822 Chagrin Blvd

Anatomy Lounge                                                    1299 West 9th

B-5 Lounge                                                                14201 Harvard Avenue

Bar 21                                                                         21899 Emery Road

Big Family Lounge                                                  20017 Harvard Road

Boujettos                                                                     5411 Warrensville Center Road

Bull Shooter Bar and Grill                                     1311 East 49th

Club Alchemy                                                           1575 Merwin Avenue

Club E                                                                          4102 Lee Road

Club Mapletree                                                         5120 Warrensville Center Road

Club Nottingham                                                     18624 St Clair

Club Odyssey                                                             7910 Superior

Club Togo                                                                    10802 Cedar Aenue

Club Underground                                                   75 Public Square

Eddie J’s Place                                                            17438 St Clair

Envy Lounge                                                             2132 W 25th

Fireside Lounge                                                         2074 Noble Road

Hamilton’s                                                                  1415 Euclid Avenue

Joe D’s Lounge                                                            13411 Miles

Joe’s Home of the Blues                                            26191 Euclid Avenue

Kings and Queens                                                     20840 Southgate Blvd

LaRobb’s                                                                      10300 Union Avenue

Last Call Bar & Grill                                                 4030 Mayfield Road

Libations                                                                      9102 Aetna Road

Lust Ultra Lounge                                                     1303 West 6th

Madison Avenue                                                        4066 Mayfield Road

Mr Gibbs                                                                        Severance Circle

Ms Martha’s                                                                  2871 East 116th

Olive Twist                                                                   26159 Eucld Avenue

On The Rocks                                                               4059 St Clair

R P Nightclub                                                               3837 Ridge Road

Rudy’s Pub                                                                    20110 Van Aken

Scripts Nightclub                                                       1204 Old River Road

Smoove Nightclub                                                     3875 East 93rd

Sinergy Ultra Lounge                                               1213 W 6th

Sirrah House                                                               4170 Lee Road

Skeets                                                                            3548 E 93rd

Sportsman Lounge                                                    16367 Euclid

Sunset Lounge                                                            1382 W 9th

The Baby Grand                                                        3400 St Clair

The Cocktail                                                               12800 Superior

The Dog Pound                                                           18416 St Clair

The Gold Spot                                                             2966 E 111th

The Gotcha Inn                                                         3232 Lakeside Avenue

The Honey Doo Club                                                 12523 St Clair

The Main Event                                                         22574 Lakeshore Blvd

The Spot II Lounge                                                    11804 Kinsman

The View                                                                     618 Prospect Avenue

Touch of Elegance                                                     Lee Road

Your Friends & Mine                                                 5353 Dolloff

Velvet Dog                                                                   1280 W 6th

Winstons                                                                      East 131st & Miles

Whitmores                                                                  15402 Kinsmans


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