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NBA Hall Of Famer, Isiah Thomas Launches Champagne Collection!

2 June 2017 Featured Stories, Lifestyle, Sports No Comment


By Dr Sinclair N Grey III

Posted June 2nd 2017


Do you remember Isiah Thomas, the NBA Hall of Fame Basketball player? He was a member of the Detroit Pistons Basketball Team that was known as the ‘Baby Boys.’ Not only was Thomas an outstanding basketball player, he also participated in basketball management both professionally and collegiately. All of his experience on and off the court has prepared him for the business world.

It is reported that Thomas has launched a new champagne collection called ‘Cheurlin Thomas.’ According to Rolling Out, “Thomas hosted a celebrity wine tasting launching his line of champagne at the signature House of Pure Vin located in downtown Detroit. Cheurlin Thomas made its Detroit debut to an excited crowd who enjoyed several selections, including Brute Speciale, Rose de Saignee, Celebrite (Blanc de Blanc) and Le Champion (Blanc de Noir).”

Throughout the city of Detriot, people were excited about his new venture. Those who followed his NBA career, as well as those who had never seen him play, were all elated.

When Thomas was asked why champagne, he stated, “When you talk about Cheurlin champagne, the champagne makers have been making champagne since 1788. So, we are fortunate to import the family champagne. And once I tasted it I was like ‘I gotta let my people know about this.’ So, the first thing I wanted to do was bring it back to Detroit and expose it to everyone and let them taste the quality and the freshness that I taste in the champagne. It’s the official champagne of the French government, so you’ll get the highest and purest quality of champagne.”

Because vodka and tequila come so often, Thomas felt that champagne offered something unique that people would embrace.

Let’s face it – retirement hasn’t slowed down Thomas and it’s good to see that he is staying busy in the business world.



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