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14 July 2010 NEON Services No Comment


Within the next ten years, the US population will grow significantly older and more diverse. The minority older population will triple by 2030, when one quarter of the elderly population will belong to a minority racial or ethnic group (US Census Bureau, January 2000). Different racial and ethnic groups have diverse beliefs and attitudes about health and medicines, which may affect adherence to therapy.A failure to appreciate these differences may contribute to misunderstanding or miscommunication about health care.

No one list can define the values that older adults may place on medications, or their beliefs about how health and healing take place. Each person must be considered individually. Listening and asking nonjudgmental questions begins the process of understanding people’s diverse beliefs and practices about health and healing and how to integrate them into interventions to improve medication adherence.

NEON’S Adult Medicine program offer a comprehensive medical service to address the need of African American Adults.

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