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14 July 2010 NEON Services No Comment


Fibroids can occur in many locations throughout the uterus. Some may occur within the wall of the uterus, while others can grow within the uterine cavity (called the endometrium). Pedunculated fibroids are attached to the outside of the uterus by a thick stalk, similar to the root of a plant. Some women have only one, small fibroid, while others have dozens of them. Even though most are small (less than golf ball sized) others can grow to the size of a watermelon! It is the combination of size, number, and location that can produce symptoms. It is impossible to predict who will get fibroids. African-American women get them more often than Caucasian women, and some researchers estimate that up to 50% of African-American women will develop fibroids. In some cases a small or medium-sized fibroid will stay the same size, or even become smaller, but in other cases it may slowly grow and develop symptoms over time. Many women have fibroids and never know it, but other women may develop significant symptoms that bring them to their physician’s office.

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