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Obamas Among Final Name Choices For New Elementary School!

12 March 2018 Education, The Arts Unplugged No Comment


By Susan Johnes

Posted March 12th 2018

Barack Obama entered the White House with the promise of becoming a transformational leader. The nation’s first black president promised to cleanse America of its racial, cultural, ideological and partisan divides.

He had promised education reform, in particular, making a point of using education to illustrate that he was championing to make it affordable and accessible to all.

It now looks like his efforts are paying him back because the former president may have his name on yet another building.

Mutiple outlets reported that the West End School Naming Committee in Virginia had narrowed name choices for their soon-to-open school down to just four options after going through 355 suggestions received in the fall.

The committee has recommended Katherine Johnson Elementary School (NASA mathematician), Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary School (Former president), Sonia Sotomayor Elementary School (Supreme Court Justice), and Day-Ochoa Elementary School to the school board (first African-American school board chair in the state).

The committee chose names that would, “reflect the school’s diversity, inspire elementary school students, have ties to Virginia and represent the school’s STEM focus.”

While in office, Obama made appropriate use of his background to challenge America to do right to the vulnerable children and to question those children and their parents to play their part.

“When it comes to helping young men of color who are having a particularly tough time, the government cannot play the only or even the primary role.”

“We can help give every child access to quality preschool…but we can’t replace the power of a parent who’s reading to that child. We can reform our criminal justice system to ensure that it’s not infected with bias…”

New York Times columnist David Brooks declared that “Obama has been the most determined education reformer in the modern presidency,” and suggested that Obama’s approach to education reform constituted a model for “health care, transportation, energy and environmental policy.”

The final decision will be made by February 22, and the new West End school will open on 2018-19 school year with a capacity of 650 students.

The naming committee is made up of 10 Alexandria residents that have been conducting meetings since Fall 2017. Whatever name they choose, the school’s name will reflect some significant history!

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