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Ohio Voter Groups: No Election Changes Until 2013!

15 April 2012 Aside Right, Breaking News, Lifestyle No Comment

Associated Press

Posted April 15th 2012



COLUMBUS: Voter advocates in Ohio are urging state lawmakers not to make any changes to the swing state’s election law ahead of November. And that includes repealing an elections bill that makes sweeping revisions to the law.

A measure before the GOP-controlled state Legislature would get rid of the overhaul bill that passed last summer. It’s been on hold since September when opponents gathered enough signatures to ask voters whether it should be tossed.

The League of Women Voters and the Ohio chapter of Common Cause say voters should have the chance to say whether the bill should be scrapped and no additional changes should be made until next year.

But State Sen. Bill Coley says he’s planning to introduce a bill that would make “non-controversial” tweaks to the election law.

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