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Paul Robeson Explains Why He Dumped His Legal Career Due To Racism!

4 December 2017 Education, MXO Entertainment News No Comment


Posted December 4th 2017


Paul Robeson is an African American singer and actor who played an influential role in the Civil Rights Movement.  Robeson was born in Princeton, New Jersey.  His father was a Presbyterian minister.  His mother died in a house fire when he was just six years old.  Robeson earned an academic scholarship to Rutgers University and became only the third African American to ever be enrolled at the school.  He later graduated from Columbia Law School, but he renounced his legal career due to racism.

After giving up his law career, he began acting in the theater, and his body of work is part of what has become known as the Harlem Renaissance. His work in the theater also helped launch his singing career.  Robeson’s experiences in the theater and on stage created a stark contrast between the dignity and respect he received in other countries and the blatant racism he was expected to tolerate in the United States

Robeson became involved in politics in response to the Spanish Civil War, fascism, and the social injustices.  It was during this time that Robeson reevaluated his career and decided to use his talents to highlight the plight faced by what he referred to as, “the common people.” In 1946, he founded the American Crusade Against Lynching.  Robeson also worked closely with trade unions as he believed they were integral to the success of winning the battle for civil rights.  Robeson is well known for standing up to the FBI and American governments blacklisting of him during the McCarthy Era for his refusal to sign an affidavit stating that he was not a communist.

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