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Ray Fisher Talks About His Role As Cyborg!

7 December 2017 Lifestyle, MXO Entertainment News No Comment


By Kathrina Tiango

Posted December 7th 2017



Being cast in the role of Cyborg is a monumental step in Ray Fisher’s career. This is his first major film. Not only that, his character is DC’s first movie screen black hero.

To a lot of comic fans, Cyborg is not just a member of the Justice League. He represents not just a superhero but a role model for many children.

Fisher shares that his first interaction with the character was with the cartoon show Teen Titans in the early 2000s. He was a freshman in high school during that time. Fisher recalls growing up following all the characters in Justice League and Batman Superman Adventures to name a few.

In the movie, his character undergoes a healing process where bits and pieces of his human existence slowly come to him. To the relief of comic fans, Fisher gets to use Cyborg’s famous catchphrase “Boo-yah” as part of his dialogue in the film. Fisher was really excited to say it because it felt right and wasn’t forced.

Even as he is hailed as DC’s first cinematic black superhero, Fisher doesn’t forget to pay homage to Shaquille O’Neil’s portrayal in the film Steel. Playing the role of a black superhero has encouraged a lot of young people of color to show their admiration for Cyborg’s character. He says he’s gone to a lot of conventions in different countries and there are colored kids coming up to him to say that Cyborg is their hero.

Even disabled people are telling him how they respond to his character because of they are an amputee. Fisher looks at it as a great opportunity to be able to champion people who are underrepresented in the television and film industry. He also adds that he hopes he did justice to the role.

When it comes to his costume, he says that whenever they shoot, he’s the only character that looks out of place. Since his costume is made in CGI, he just wears a onesie quilt. On the other hand, since everyone was looking at him strangely, he actually felt like he was really Cyborg.

When asked if there’s a possibility of a solo movie, Fisher responds by saying that as long as people like what they do and continue to want to see more of his character, anything is a possibility. Looking at the success of Wonder Woman, the sequel was quickly moved to production. If the audience likes the character, it is possible to explore a deeper story apart from the team-up movie.

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