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Take The Ride With Susan Hill’s ‘The Woman In Black’ At Cleveland Play House!

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By Ms Osupa Nia

Posted September 25th 2018




Take The Ride With Susan Hill’s ‘The Woman In Black’ At Cleveland Play House!

I had the opportunity to attend Susan Hall’s ‘The Woman In Black’ at Cleveland Play House’s Allen Theatre.  I have not read any of Ms. Hills repertoire.  If I am not familiar with the title, the unraveling of the narrative in a play or movie is captivating to me.  Upon entering the Allen Theatre there was a station with a skull.  So I though okay, maybe some sort of Halloween or horror genre….cool.

Well the lights went out and we are sitting centerstage.  An actor enters the stage and is reading a script.  He is quickly joined by another actor for the audience entrance to the stage and appears to be coaching him.

Now, Bradley Armacost who is portraying Arthur Kipps is monotone, practically comatosed in his reading of the story.  The Actor played by Adam Wesley Brown is coaching him trying to breath some life into his rendition of the information.  When the Actor reads the script his treatment of the reading is breathtaking. You can visualize each word that he is saying.

In radio it’s called ‘Theatre of the Mind.’ There are not graphics or pictures.  The announcer of commercial induces you to create the image in your mind. Early vaudeville went to radio sound effects and all.  I can’t begin to tell you the images that today’s radio stations are producing in one’s mind.

The script coaching duologue is going back and forth several time.  It’s moving slowly to me because I am waiting for the mysterious ‘Woman In Black’ to join the cast.  Well the pace beings to pick up once the quit the coaching and embark upon and adventure to the real estate at The Chapel.  From that point on my imagination began to run full throttle with mystery and intrigue.

‘The Woman In Black’ is reminiscent of the classic mystery horror films of Alfred Hitchcock.  The shower scene in ‘Pyscho’ filmed the blood running down the drain in the bathtub.  You did not see the actual stabbing scene like today where you graphically see heads being cut off.  However, cognitively it was whatever horror you chose to envision in your mind. Imagination is the integral element in the theatre production of ‘The Woman In Black!’

Take the rid and become part of the artistry of Susan Hill’s ‘The Woman In Black!’ Now playing through Octtober 7th at the Cleveland Play House in the Allen Theatre.

More information available here.

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