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Three Business Practice Agreements All Entrepenuers Need!

10 August 2017 Education, MXO Business Report No Comment


By Ryan Velez

Posted August 10th 2017


Lisa Ascolese, also known as The Inventress, is a regular Black Enterprise contributor with business advice and stories to educate the business community. One of her recent articles is taking a different spin on her usual topics, instead of sharing some of her own techniques that she calls “Three Agreements For Great Business Practices.” Why are these so important? In Ascolese’s eyes, it’s all about building a relationship, and one of the best ways to do so is by keeping to the three pillars of gratitude, patience, and respect.

“To be transparent, I live by and thrive by these three agreements in my business today and have without even consciously being aware of my positive business etiquette for the last 30+ years. The key takeaway here is ‘without even realizing.,” she explains. While it may seem like a no-brainer to be grateful, patient, and respectful, especially as a professional, it’s often not so easy to translate these from your personal life to bonafide business practices. One of the easiest reasons why this is the case is because if you own a business, your employees represent you. As a result, you need to not only make sure that they carry themselves in a way that represents these values but provides guidance and instructions that allow them to do so.

Sometimes, implementing these plans goes down to the little things. “Step one to achieving these agreements is expressing thanks. Simple gestures like saying thank you with a smile or admiring someone’s strong work ethic is very telling. Kindness goes a long way in this world and is not forgotten,” Ascolese shares. Not only does it feel good for you to do small things like providing a smile, but it can grow the business. Things will never be perfect, but a happier workplace leads to better workplace communication.

The same frame of mind goes far when it comes to putting patience forward in the workplace. It’s easy to fall into the pit of the fast-paced work environment, but sometimes, keeping a patient frame of mind can do a lot. “Instead of potentially ruining what could have been a very prosperous and thriving relationship with a client or co-worker because you didn’t have the patience to hold your tongue, try to live your life with an open mind,” says Ascolese. These first two principles feed into the third, respect. Respect in business partnerships is all about adhering to boundaries, but what you need to do is establish those boundaries early and be firm. Communicate these in a grateful manner and be patient if they are overstepped accidentally, but a business partnership without respect is likely to fail.


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