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Chief Wahoo Protester Pleads Guilty To Theft Of Grant Money!
Posted in Aside Left, Breaking News, Education, Health & Fitness on 22 May 2018
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Associated Press Posted May 22nd 2018 (PHOTO: ROBERT ROCHE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AMERICAN INDIAN EDUCATION CENTER)   AMERICAN INDIAN EDUCATION CENTER A man who has held protests saying the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo mascot is racist has pleaded guilty to stealing money from federal grants aimed at helping Native Americans. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Cleveland [...]

Hillary Clinton Pokes Fun At Trump, Herself In Yale College Class Day Speech!
Posted in Breaking News, Education, Featured Article on 22 May 2018
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Good Morning American By M.L. Nestel-GMA Posted May 22nd 2018   HILLARY CLINTON YALE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CLASS DAY SPEECH VIDEO Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton took a subtle jab at her rival in the presidential election in 2016 yesterday — but also, injecting one of most contentious issues in the heated race, poked a little [...]

RTA Investigation: George Dixon Failed To Pay Insurance For 24 Years!
Posted in Aside Right, Breaking News, Health & Fitness, MXO Business Report on 18 May 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Nick Castele Posted May 18th 2018 (PHOTO: GEORGE DIXON III)   RTA CHIEF AUDITOR ANTHONY GAROFOLI Former Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Board President George Dixon III received close to a million dollars in health benefits he was not entitled to, according to an investigation by the agency’s board of trustees. Dixon first [...]

White New York Lawyer Threatens To Report Women To ICE For Speaking Spanish!
Posted in Breaking News, Featured Article, Lifestyle on 17 May 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Sierra Williams Posted May 17th 2018 (PHOTO: AARON M SCHOSSBERG)   AARON M SCHOSSBERG IMMIGRANT SPEAKING SPANISH RANT VIDEO Another day in Trump’s America brings more bigots to the light. On Tuesday (May 15), a New York lawyer harassed and threatened two women at a popular restaurant chain in Midtown Manhattan. The reason [...]

Hospital Using Uber And Lyft To Transport Patients To Drug Treatment!
Posted in Breaking News, Health & Fitness, MXO Business Report, Northeast Ohio on 16 May 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Marlene Harris-Taylor Posted May 16th 2018 (PHOTO: ORLANDO HOWARD ST. VINCENT HOSPITAL ROSARY HALL OUTPATIENT TREATMENT MANAGER)   Forty-year-old local resident Mike, checked his cell phone recently, just outside the main entrance to St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, while waiting for an Uber car to pull up. “Hi I’m Michael,” he said as [...]

McCain Defends Giving Trump Dossier to Comey: ‘Duty Demanded I Do’ It
Posted in Breaking News, Featured Article, Lifestyle on 15 May 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Gideon Resnick Posted May 15th 2018   In his The senator describes that fateful decision in his upcoming book, ‘The Restless Wave.’ In his new book, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) defends his decision to give a controversial dossier about President Trump to former FBI chief James Comey. “I agreed to receive a copy [...]

State Bans ‘Gag Orders’ That Prevent Pharmacists From Suggesting Ways Patients Can Save Money!
Posted in Breaking News, Good Dollars and Sense, Health & Fitness on 14 May 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Jo Ingles Posted May 14th 2018   Ohioans who go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions sometimes pay more out of pocket with their insurance card than they would have if they didn’t have coverage. But state regulators are doing something to try to ensure Ohioans pay the least possible. The Ohio [...]

Ashanti Shares Her Own “Me Too” Story!
Posted in Lifestyle, MXO Entertainment News on 11 May 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Ryan Velez Posted May 11th 2018 (PHOTO: ASHANTI)   CARDI B Madame Noire reports that singer Ashanti recently shared a Me Too story of her own, talking about a producer who’s attitude quickly took a shift after she rebuffed his s*xual advances. The story was shared during an appearance she made on SiriusXM’s [...]

Jim Renacci Wins GOP Senate Primary To Face Sherrod Brown In General!
Posted in Breaking News, Lifestyle on 10 May 2018
Stats: and No Comments By ML Schultz Posted May 10th 2018   Ohio’s U.S. Senate race this fall is expected to be one of the most expensive in the country and to have Donald Trump’s name all over it. Among the first to arrive for Republican Congressman Jim Renacci’s election night party were Bikers for Trump. As soon as [...]

Maxine Waters: Impeachment ‘Only Option’ For Trump’s Iran Deal Decision!
Posted in Breaking News, Featured Article, Lifestyle on 10 May 2018
Stats: and No Comments By John Bowden Posted May 10th 2018   Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said Wednesday that impeaching President Trump is the “only option” for Democrats in the wake of his decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal. In a tweet, Waters said Trump “thinks he knows better” than negotiators and U.S. allies — France, Germany, and the [...]