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CSU’s Last Mile Program To Assist Students In Reaching Graduation!
Posted in Breaking News, Higher Learning on 19 April 2017
Stats: and No Comments Posted April 19th 2017   University receives pilot grant from APLU and USU to Enhance Student Success Initiatives! Cleveland State University has been awarded a $50,000 pilot grant from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) and the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities (USU) to create the Last Mile program, which will provide [...]

Elyria Teachers Union, District Approve Contracts!
Posted in Breaking News, Higher Learning, MXO Business Report on 18 April 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Carol Harper Posted April 18th 2017 (PHOTO: ELYRIA SCHOOL BOARD DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS, AMY SHRINK)   Elyria City School Board and Elyria Education Association approved last week a three-year contract. Director of Human Resources Gary Taylor said negotiations started March 23 and completed April 8. “We’re very pleased to report that (April 11), [...]

UCLA Ends Kent State’s Season In NCAA Tournament!
Posted in Breaking News, Health & Fitness, Higher Learning, Sports on 20 March 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Henry Palattella Posted March 20th 2017 (PHOTO: KENT STATE GUARD DESMOND RIDENOUR)   KENT STATE FORWARD JIMMY HALL The Kent State men’s basketball team’s season came to an end Friday night at the hands of the boys from Westwood, as the UCLA Bruins beat Kent State 97-80 to knock the Flashes out of [...]

MXO ‘The Arts Unplugged’: From Jazz To Classical The Cleveland Music Settlement Summer Camp!
Posted in Education, The Arts Unplugged on 14 March 2017
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TheClevelandMusic Posted March 14th 2017   Interested in private lessons? Group lessons? Choirs? Orchestra experience? We have all that and more, housed in the most beautiful place to learn music in Cleveland. ‘The Cleveland Music Settlement! Chamber Music Camp (PM) (Summer 2017) Jun. 19 to Jun 30, 2017: Chamber Music Campers (ages 11-18) will [...]

How Life Insurance Policies Can Help Pay For Your Child’s Education!
Posted in Education, Good Dollars and Sense on 2 March 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Ryan Velez Posted March 2nd 2017   With the price of education rising, both for private schools and for college education alike, many parents are trying to find ways to meet these costs. Black families, in particular have been statistically proven to pay more in for student loans on average than whites, and [...]

MXO ‘The Arts Unplugged’: Sphinx Performance Academy Comes To Cleveland!
Posted in Education, The Arts Unplugged on 23 February 2017
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Cleveland Institute of Music Posted February 22nd 2017 (PHOTO: SPHINX PERFORMING ACADEMY VIOLINIST ADE WILLIAMS)   The Cleveland Institute of Music announces an exciting new partnership with the Sphinx Organization and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) that brings the prestigious Sphinx Performance Academy (SPA) to CIM’s practice rooms and performance halls. SPA is a cornerstone [...]

Gov. Kasich Wants To Require Ohio Teachers To Get Job Experience With Local Businesses!
Posted in Breaking News, Education, MXO Business Report on 23 February 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Tom Knox Posted February 23rd 2017   Take your child’s teacher to work day could become a reality in Ohio. Gov. John Kasich wants Ohio to require teachers to spend time with local businesses before renewing their licenses. The governor’s two-year budget proposal says starting Sept. 1, 2018, each license applicant would be [...]

Alianna Alert!
Posted in Breaking News, Education on 15 February 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Keisha Taylor Posted February 15th 2017   Alianna DeFreeze went missing in Cleveland, Ohio, on January 26, 2017. The 14 year old was taking public transportation to get to school, and never made it there. Reportedly, her mother called police at 4:15 pm, after receiving a phone call from the school advising that [...]

Republican Official Dan Adamini Apologizes After Calling For ‘Another Kent State!’
Posted in Breaking News, Higher Learning on 9 February 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Gretel Kaufmann Posted February 9th 2017 (PHOTO: DAN ADAMINI, SECRETARY MARQUETTE COUNTY MICHGAN REPUBLICAN PARTY)   Michigan GOP official Dan Adamini has deleted his Twitter account following posts on social media that suggested that protesters should be shot like the four antiwar demonstrators who were killed by the National Guard at A Republican official has apologized [...]

Tyra Banks Gets Surprising DNA Test Results!
Posted in Education, MXO Entertainment News on 3 February 2017
Stats: and No Comments Posted February 3rd 2017   TYRA BANKS THREE GENERATIONS MOM (CAROLYN LONDON) AND SON (YORK) On an episode of the long-running show America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks turned her reality show into a DNA laboratory. The supermodel/TV mogul and her contestants each went through an AncestryDNA analysis, and the results surprised everyone. Banks confesses that [...]