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10 Winter Hats For Natural Hair That’ll Protect Your Beautiful Curls
Posted in Style/Fashion on 1 February 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Amanda Pena, HuffPost Posted February 1st 2018   I know the struggle that is trying to find a winter hat or beanie that will stylishly fit over my massive head of hair ― which I recently transitioned back to its naturally curly state. Unless I slick down my hair with more gel than […]

Colin Kaepernick Is Named Citizen Of The Year By GQ magazine!
Posted in MXO Entertainment News, Sports, Style/Fashion on 28 November 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Chuck Schilken Posted November 28th 2017   Colin Kaepernick has become a very polarizing figure in our society. The editors of GQ magazine are very clear about where they stand on the quarterback who hasn’t been able to find a job in the NFL a year after he started the movement of kneeling […]

Numbers Don’t Lie! Ayesha’s Fortune Worth More Than Steph’s!
Posted in Health & Fitness, MXO Business Report, MXO Entertainment News, Style/Fashion on 22 November 2017
Stats: and No Comments Posted November 22nd 2017   She may only be 28 but it turns out that Ayesha Curry is running one of the highest-earning companies in the country. The beautiful woman secretly launched a skincare company last year and has kept quiet about her successful stint as CEO. Ayesha admits she purposely avoided publicly announcing […]

Nike Ad Touts Equality, But Has None On Board, Executive Committee Or Even Its Ad Agency!
Posted in MXO Business Report, Sports, Style/Fashion on 7 September 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Kaitlyn D’Onofrio Posted September 7th 2017   MARK PARKER CEO NIKE INC The company’s “Just do it” slogan does not apply to diversity for its board members. Nike’s “Equality” campaign created a lot of buzz, with the media calling it a “powerful message” and a “forceful call” to equality. However, a look at […]

Meet Jeff Tweedy – The Man Behind Sean John’s Success!
Posted in MXO Business Report, Style/Fashion on 29 June 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Giovanni Zaburoni Posted June 29th 2017   JEFF TWEEDY, PRESIDENT SEAN JOHN CLOTHING INC. Almost 20 years ago, hip hop artist Sean “P Diddy” Combs unveiled his latest venture that he felt was sure to take the world by storm, and it did.  He started the fashion label Sean John and over time, […]

Men’s Wearhouse Founder Reveals How Smoking Marijuana For 50 Years Changed His Life!
Posted in Health & Fitness, Style/Fashion on 17 April 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Melia Robinson, Business Insider Posted April 17th 2017   GEORGE ZIMMER FOUNDER MEN’S WEARHOUSE (George Zimmer is lending his iconic, gravelly voice to the marijuana legalization George Zimmer has a penchant for speaking his mind. The 68-year-old serial entrepreneur was fired from Men’s Wearhouse, the company he founded 40 years earlier, in […]

Retail Store Versace Allegedly Has A Code Word For Black Shoppers!
Posted in MXO Business Report, Style/Fashion on 1 February 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Victor Ochieng Posted February 1st 2017   Claims of stores and eateries, among other organizations, discriminating against African Americans don’t come as a surprise anymore. We’ve heard so many, including cases where Blacks are thrown out off airplanes because of nothing else but being Black. ADVERTISING Now, a former Black Versace employee has filed […]

Octavia Spencer Is Now Set To Play Madam CJ Walker In New Biopic Series!
Posted in In Production, MXO Entertainment News, Style/Fashion on 6 December 2016
Stats: and No Comments By Nisha Thomas Posted December 6th 2016   We absolutely love a good movie, especially a good biopic, which is what we are now preparing for. Actress and author Octavia Spencer recently optioned the book, “On Her Own Ground: The Life and Times of Madam C.J. Walker” written by the great-great-granddaughter of the famously […]

Nordstrom Is Officially A Discount Retailer!
Posted in MXO Business Report, Style/Fashion on 7 November 2016
Stats: and No Comments By Mallory Schlossberg Posted November 7th 2016   Nordstrom is moving even further into the discount space. Nordstrom’s off-price Rack is thriving. But its full-line stores still may have a way to go. In its second quarters, total comparable sales fell 1.2%, beating expectations and sending the stock soaring. But it’s important to look […]

Businesses Already Firing Blacks For Wearing Dreads!
Posted in Careers, MXO Business Report, Style/Fashion on 31 October 2016
Stats: and No Comments By G Brown Posted October 31st 2016   It was just in September that TRN brought you the story of a federal appeals court ruling that would give employers the right to tell how you can wear your hair—or rather, how not  to wear your hair .  In our story, “No Dreads at Work…You […]