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10 Most Expensive Vehicles To Maintain And Repair!
Posted in Good Dollars and Sense, Travel on 11 April 2018
Stats: and No Comments Posted April 11th 2018 (PHOTO: 2018 718 PORSCHE CAYMAN)   2018 KIA SEDONA In the housing business, some of these would be referred to as “money pits.” According to the searchable Repair Cost Index database maintained by the automotive website, we’ve culled a list of the 10 vehicles the Index says are, on […]

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before You Retire?
Posted in Good Dollars and Sense, Our House on 25 February 2018
Stats: and No Comments By Maurie Backman, The Motley Fool Posted February  25th 2018   Housing is often the typical American’s greatest monthly expense, whether during retirement, or during working years. If you happened to sign a 30-year mortgage in your 30s and made all of your payments as scheduled, there’s a good chance your home will be paid […]

5 Things to Know About Oil Changes For Your Car!
Posted in Good Dollars and Sense, Lifestyle on 6 November 2017
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Consumer Reports Posted November 6th 2017   If you’re confused about motor oil—the right time to change it, how often to change it, what’s the best oil for your car—Consumer Reports’ chief mechanic, John Ibbotson, can set you straight. 1. When to Change the Oil The answer to a lot of these questions is the […]

Most People Blow 70% Of Their Money On 3 Things — And Cutting Back Could Be The Key To Retiring Much Earlier!
Posted in Good Dollars and Sense, Lifestyle on 25 October 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Lauren Lyons Cole, Business Insider Posted October 25th 2017   (Rule 1: Live below your means.Facebook) Retirement might seem light-years away, but if you get to your golden years with insufficient funds, it’s guaranteed to be even further. Saving enough over a 40-year career to maintain your lifestyle in retirement is challenging. But […]

Ohio’s Lt. Gov. Taylor Proposes Direct Payments To Doctors For Routine Care!
Posted in Breaking News, Good Dollars and Sense, Health & Fitness on 9 October 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Matt Richmond Posted October 9th 2017   One of the Republican candidates for governor, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, unveiled a set of proposals for health care in Ohio. Taylor prefers a system that’s gaining popularity among the GOP. Taylor’s plan Taylor wants to switch to a direct primary-care system. Regular doctor visits would […]

What You Need To Know About Ohio’s Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend!
Posted in Education, Good Dollars and Sense on 3 August 2017
Stats: and No Comments Posted August 3rd 2017   If you want to participate in Ohio’s Sales Tax Holiday this weekend from your couch, you’re in luck because it counts for online purchases too, WOIO reports. The sales tax holiday is designed to give Ohioans a break when buying all of the supplies and clothes to head back […]

5 Inexpensive Items That Make For Gorgeous Kitchen Backsplashes
Posted in Good Dollars and Sense, Our House on 20 July 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Sarah Latta Posted July 20th 2017 (PHOTO: BOTTLECAP BACKSPLASH)   WINE CORK BACKSPLASH The backsplash is by far the most fun design decision during a kitchen remodel — so why settle for standard tile or stone? Instead, turn an everyday collection into an unexpected backsplash display. The design secret here is the multiples: […]

Top 10 Stolen Vehicles Police Cant Find!
Posted in Good Dollars and Sense, Lifestyle on 15 June 2017
Stats: and No Comments By  Tara Mello Posted June 15th 2017 (PHOTO: TOYOTA CAMRY)   FORD F-SERIES While police recover most stolen vehicles, some owners never see their cars again. Of the 34,610 model year 2013 cars, trucks and SUVs stolen between January 2012 and June 2014, police failed to recover 12 percent, according to research by the […]

Robocalls flooding your phone? Here’s how to stop them – or get a bit of revenge!
Posted in Good Dollars and Sense, MXO High Tech on 25 May 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Christopher Mele, The New York Times Posted May 25th 2017   Americans received an estimated 29.3 billion in unwanted telemarketing calls in 2016, according to a YouMail Robocall Index released this week. The Federal Trade Commission’s Kati Daffin explains how to avoid these unwanted calls. YouTube/Federal Trade Commission An unfamiliar number appears on […]

What To Do When You Pay Your Mortgage Off!
Posted in Good Dollars and Sense, Our House on 9 May 2017
Stats: and No Comments By Ryan Velez Posted May 9th 2017   A new article from The Network Journal has provided some information regarding one of the most important milestones you will have as a homeowner – paying off your mortgage. However, after hitting this important step, there may still be issues ahead, one of which is your […]