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Why ABC Pulled Controversial National Anthem Protest Episode Of ‘Black-Ish!’

11 April 2018 Lifestyle, MXO Entertainment News No Comment


By Susan Johnes

Posted April 11th 2018



Kenya Barris’ ABC hit Black-ish has one of its episode of the show pulled by ABC due to ‘creative differences’ between Barris and ABC.

The episode in question is titled, “Please, Baby Please” and was initially scheduled for release February 27, but had been shelved indefinitely.

The network made a scheduling announcement a few days earlier about the favorite show stating that a rerun would air instead.

It appears the content of the episode had gone too far past the network’s taste. But Kenya Barris’ ABC hit Black-ish has never shied away from political controversies.

The show spotlights any number of conversations about life as a black person in modern America, from police brutality, slavery to the rise of Donald Trump.

After news of the provocative episode’s cancellation broke an ABC spokesperson released a statement saying:-
“One of the things that have always made ‘Black-ish’ unique is how it examines delicate social issues in an entertaining and educative. However, in this episode there were creative differences we were unable to resolve.”

But Barris also released a statement later saying given their creative differences, ABC and he were not happy with the direction of the episode and mutually agreed to avoid airing it.

“Black-ish is a show that speaks to all different types of people and brings them closer as a community, and I’m so proud of the series,” Barris said.

The hit comedy features an African-American family, but Kenya Barris has stated in the past that he isn’t interested in profiling who sees the show.

“Everything in it is ridiculous because it is about black and white,” he said. “It doesn’t matter who’s watching our show. What counts is, they’re watching it. “I would be so happy when ‘diversity’ is not a word,” he continued. Even so, Barris disclosed that roughly one-fourth of the audience is black, with much of the rest white-ish.

The episode in question, “Please, Baby, Please,” was shot last November, and centered in Dre trying to read a bedtime story to his infant son during a thunderstorm.

He quickly abandons the kids’ book and begins improvising a story based in his anxieties about modern life. At one point, Dre gets into an argument with his oldest son, Junior, about the politics of athletes kneeling during the national anthem.

According to both Barris and the network, neither side was ultimately comfortable with their disagreements about the episode’s content.

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