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Why Hoda Kotb’s Newborn At 52 Is Miraculous!

18 April 2017 Lifestyle, MXO Entertainment News No Comment


Posted April 18th 2017



It’s just less than two months since Hoda Kotb got her new-born child, Haley Joy, and she has already fully adapted to a life of lots of laundries, bottle feedings, and diaper changes.

Kotb 52, reveals how it has been emotional, to bond with her baby girl as she had everything but given up on ever becoming a mom. The traumatizing life began ten years ago when she fought breast cancer; as a result, the treatment rendered her barren. Things got even harder, when her two-year marriage to Burzis Kanga ended up in divorce, just less than one year after her recovery.

“One of the things I’ve always wanted in my life was, to be a mother. Sometimes in life, things just do not work out for whatsoever reason, so just you say, ‘Well, I was not meant to have it.’ But it was tough for me to come to terms with that.” Kotb tells PEOPLE.

Friends reported that Kotb never spoke publicly of her desire to have kids but privately, she passed through the hell.

“There was a hole. People would say, ‘do you have children?’ And I would feel like, ‘Ouch.’” Kotb says

As she began planning last year to move in with her financier and fiancé of three years, 58-year-old Joel Schiffman, she meandered around the issue of adoption.

“I was afraid to say it out loud. Since then it felt so real. I said, ‘Think about that for a day, a week or whatever period.’ And he said, ‘I do not need a day. Let us keep this journey going.’ Hearing that, I blubbered like a baby. It’s like the dam burst.” Kotb recalls.

With the help of a legalized New York adoption agency, Kotb’s adoption process was simplified. Even though she left out Schiffman’s name, Haley will still call him Dad. It took some months for her to finalize her adoption of her daughter, who was born on February 14.

Later, Kotb picked up her little girl; however, she is keeping details of the adoption private and confidential.

Kotb, reveals not to believe how so many things have changed so in a very short time.

“I sometimes wake up and go, ‘Oh my God, I really have a baby! But it feels real. I guess if you have been waiting that long for something, you; wish, pray and hope for it, and wonder if it will ever happen, then it finally happens, nothing is more real. Nothing.”

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