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Ziggy Marley and Paramount Pictures In Partnership For A Bob Marley Film!

7 September 2018 In Production, Lifestyle, MXO Entertainment News No Comment


By Victor Ochieng

Posted September 7th 2018



Reggae Star Ziggy Marley has decided to work together with Paramount Pictures to create a biopic about his father Bob Marley. Bob died at the age of 36 after struggling with cancer. The legendary songwriter and singer had a successful music career with songs like Stand Up, Redemption Song, Get Up, One Love, No Woman No Cry, Buffalo Soldier, Could You Be Loved and Jammin among many others. Generations have listened to his music and though he died so young, Bob left behind a legacy that lives to this day.

The legendary reggae artist understood how it felt to be discriminated by your own people and in your own country: this was majorly because he was born of a Caucasian father. He rose to great heights as a musician and made a name for himself that has been known in many households around the world. However, despite his great success, Bob never changed – he remained humbled until the day of his death in 1981.

Ziggy Marley, who was introduced to the music industry by his father, is now working together with Paramount Pictures to tell the story of the accomplished Jamaican singer. The biopic about Marley will bring to the front the journey of the artist and shed more light on the works of the accomplished singer and songwriter.

Ziggy Marley, who was introduced to music at only 10 years old, has grown to become successful in his career as a musician and producer. As a producer he has spear-headed the production of the video Bob Marley & The Wailers: Easy Skanking in Boston ’78. Ziggy has also worked on some documentaries as an executive producer, some of which include, Bob Marley Legend Remixed, Marley Africa Roadtrip and Marley. An established reggae artist in his own right, last year he won Grammy Awards for Best Reggae Album, plus seven other Grammys under his name. And for his song, I Love You Too, which was for the children’s animation 3rd & Bird, he won a daytime Emmy. So far he has released 15 albums and won a Grammys Award for Best Children’s Album. The young singer has a promising future in the music industry, and from the plans he has with Paramount Pictures, it looks like he is not planning to stop.

Other than his own accomplishment, Marley’s son has guest starred on TV shows like Hawaii Five – O and Charmed. Ziggy is a master of his own path, controlling his recordings and publishing with his own label Tuff Gong Worldwide and his publishing company, Ishti Music. He has done well with his label and has made a great reputation for it.

Despite the fact that Ziggy is not actually living under his father’s footsteps, he has obviously followed in his footsteps. His father Bob Marley will always be loved by his fans, which include both young and old; and as he works to honor him through the upcoming film, he too takes another step forward in his career. Ziggy has not failed the Marley family, but has instead honored it by establishing his place in the mainstream and forging his own path.

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